Phoebe Halliwell protrayed by
Alyssa Milano
Phoebe Halliwell is younger than Prue and Piper, but older than Paige. Phoebe has the power of premonition (the ability to see events in
the future), and sometimes retrocognition (the ability to see past events). To do this, Phoebe must touch an object associated with the
information she wants to know about. She has also demonstrated the power of levitation (the ability to lift one's self from the ground),
which she triggers with her mind, basically. Phoebe was the one who found the Book of Shadows, and the first to start investigating
Wicca, a religion of witchcraft. She is also very able to fight, using kickboxing and other martial art-type maneuvers ~ she honed this talent
in response to having an inactive power, as opposed to the active ones that Prue and Piper, and now Paige, possess.  All the sisters have
discovered that their powers increase over time.
Phoebe's career course has been a bit bumpy, but she seems to have found her niche as an advice guru in the local newspaper.  In the
past, her lovelife was quite active and varied, but she was married to
Cole, a man who was half demon; her faith and their love kept them
together for a couple of years.  Dark forces intervened, and, so sadly, by the time Phoebe wound up vanquishing the man who was the
love of her life, she as good as hated him.
Alyssa Milano literally grew up in front of the world on ABC's long-running (1984-1992) comedy
Who's the Boss, playing Samantha Micelli, Tony Danza’s daughter, on the top-rated series.
After the series ended, she moved on to other projects in television, film and stage… which is
where Alyssa started out, in 1980 with the national touring company of "Annie."  Alyssa has
appeared in several highly rated telefilms, including
Gold Rush, which aired as part of ABC's
revival of "The Wonderful World of Disney." Also for ABC, Alyssa starred in
To Brave Alaska and
The Surrogate, and for The Showtime Network, Milano starred in the "Confessions of a Sorority
Girl" episode of
Rebel Highway. She was also seen in Casualty of Love: The Buttafuoco/Fisher
playing Amy Fisher, HBO films Conflict of Interest, and Candles in the Dark, directed by
Maximiliian Schell. After two seasons (1997-1998) playing Jennifer Mancini on the hit Fox show
Melrose Place, Alyssa re-teamed with Spelling Television to play Phoebe. Alyssa's feature film
career includes the title role in the comedy,
Hugo Pool, which debuted at the 1997 Sundance
Film Festival. This film was directed by Robert Downey, Sr. and co-starred Sean Penn, Malcolm
McDowell and Richard Lewis. Alyssa made her executive-producing debut in the thriller,
in which she also starred opposite actor/recording artist Ice-T.  Additional feature
credits include
Commando, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fear, co-starring Reese
Whitherspoon and Mark Wahlberg, as well as films
Double Dragon, Where the Day Takes You, and
Little Sister.
Alyssa has starred on stage in "Tender Offer," a one-act play written by Wendy Wasserstein; "All
Night Long," directed by Andre Gregory, and the first musical adaptation of "Jane Eyre." She
returned to the theatre in 1991 when she starred in and produced a Los Angeles-based
production of "Butterflies are Free."
Alyssa, with help from her mom, has also been very active on the Internet, taking
groundbreaking action to protect her rights and the rights of other celebrities online, when
nude pictures of her appeared on the web without permission. She won several copyright
infringement suits, and dedicated the settlement money to the launch of a new search index on
the web,
Alyssa was born December 19th, 1972 in Brooklyn, NY, is 5'2", and is currently single.  Alyssa
dated co-star Brian Krause in 2001, and was linked in late '02 to popstar Justin Timberlake.  
Alyssa dated co-star Eric Dane, who plays her on-screen honey Jason Dean, in 2003.