Jenny portrayed by Karis Paige
Sweet, extremely attractive construction worker Dan Gordon and his niece, Jenny, moved in next door to the Halliwells in season two.  
Jenny's parents were working in Saudi Arabia, and she was staying with her uncle while they were gone.  Dan fell in love with
Piper, but
after a brief romantic interlude, she reunited with Leo.  Dan and Jenny moved away and haven't been seen since.

Karis Paige Bryant was born on June 16, 1985, in Texas.  She's apparently taking a break from acting, having been working since the age
of 5; her first role was in the TV movie 'A Killing in a Small Town' in 1990, and she worked steadily thru to her stint on
Charmed in 1999,
including roles in the feature film Universal Soldier, television movies The People Next Door, The  Unspoken Truth, While Justice Sleeps,
and The Substitute Wife.  According to IMDB, she's currently living in LA, so perhaps we'll see more of this young actress.