Penny 'Grams' Halliwell
portrayed by
Jennifer Rhodes
Penny Haliwell, or "Grams', as she's more commonly known, raised Prue, Piper and Phoebe after their mother, Patty, died; their father,
Victor, wasn't around. Knowing how precious the Charmed Ones were -and how much potential danger faced them, she bound their
powers as children, but died before she could let them know their destiny, so that when Phoebe found the Book of Shadows and they
came into their powers, it was a total surprise.  The sisters have found that their grandmother is now available to them again although
she's a spirit, and they have interacted with her many times since they gained their powers.
Unfortunately, I could find very little biographical information available about Jennifer
Rhodes, but I can tell you she's a proliffic actress.  She's appeared in films and television
series from the 1970's to the present;TV shows including
Lou Grant, Little House on the
Prairie, The Rockford Files, Knots Landing, Fame, Matlock, L.A. Law, Quantum Leap,
Doogie Howser, M.D., Designing Women, Full House, Party of Five, ER, Murphy Brown,
Friends, Family Matters, Popular
, and Boston Public, and over twenty theater and
television films.