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Q: What is going on?  I'm hearing rumors...
A: I can only answer this question from the vantage of a news-reading fan like you, not with any real insider knowledge, so please take the answer as such.  As I understand it,
there are no plans for a spin-off series featuring any of the lead actresses [Holly, Alyssa, Rose, or Kaley].  Brian Krause apparently would have been interested, but a show
at least Holly would have been difficult.  I know there's been fan requests for a series featuring the Charmed kids, like Wyatt and Chris, but that's a long shot at best.

If you'd like to write in about your hopes or thoughts, or give thanks for eight years of a great show, here is the address:
   David Janollari
   Entertainment President, WB Television Network
   c/o Warner Bros
   4000 Warner Blvd
   Burbank, CA  91522-0002
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