Daryl Morris is portrayed by
Dorian Gregory
Inspector Daryl Morris was introduced to us in the first season.  He's a police officer, and his partner, Andy Trudeau, was Prue's first truth
love and a friend of the Haliwell's. The men became an active part of the sisters' lives when their mission to save innocents edged into the
criminal world - so much evil often harms non-supernatural beings as well.  Andy was killed at the end of S1, but Daryl remained close to
the sisters.  He's learned their secret, and has been an invaluable help to them, many times.  Daryl is married to Sheila Morris [played by
Sandra Prosper].
Dorian Gregory was born in Washington, DC on January 26, 1971, but lived in Cleveland, Ohio until age nine when he moved to LA with his family. Dorian's other roles include that
of co-host on NBC's
The Other Half,  Baywatch Nights, as well as several appearances on other television shows and films.  Dorian has Type 1, or Juvenile, Diabetes, and acts as a
spokesman for the American Diabetes Association, and he's also involved with the Jeopardy Program, an organization for at-risk kids which is sponsored by the LAPD.