Dan Gordon portrayed by Greg
Born June 15, 1973 and raised in Dallas, Texas,
extraordinarily attractive Greg Vaughan began modeling
while he was still in high school. Shortly after graduation he
traveled to Italy where he worked for legendary designer
Giorgio Armani. This campaign was followed with work with
designers like Gianni Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren
and Banana Republic. After several years modeling very
successfully, Greg decided to get into acting. He made Los
Angeles his home; a relief to be in one place after so much
traveling as an international model in demand! Almost
immediately after arriving in LA, he was signed by an agent
and secured several TV guest appearances.  He got a regular
role on the drama series
Malibu Shores. After that show
ended, he went on to roles on
Beverly Hills, 90210, Any Day
Now, Legacy
, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Greg has just
finished up a run on daytime soap
The Young and the
, and is currently appearing on General Hospital.  He
lives in Los Angeles with his dog, a Lab named Daisy, and
enjoys singing and playing the guitar.  He’s also an
exceptional athlete and enjoys skiing, basketball, horseback
riding, windsurfing, rollerblading and hiking.
Sweet, extremely attractive construction worker Dan Gordon and his niece, Jenny, moved in next door to the Halliwells in season two,
and he and Piper quickly found themselves attracted to each other: Dan actually fell in love.  Unfortunately for him, this was what turned
into just a brief break in Piper and Leo's relationship.  The two soulmates soon reunited, leaving Dan heartbroken and alone ~ he quickly
moved out of town.