Chris Perry portrayed by Drew
Chris Perry entered the Charmed Ones' lives at the end of season five, when he told them he was a
Whitelighter from the future, he was here to help, and they cautiously allowed him to assist them.  Unknown
to the sisters, however, he manipulated the situation at hand so that Leo had to become an Elder, and
therefore was unable to stay on Earth with Piper and Wyatt, so Chris became the sisters' Whitelighter.  Chris
teetered on the edge of trust, letting them in on a little information at a time - usually when they'd figured
something out anyway, or were threatening bodily harm - and he revealed to them that he'd come back from
a horrible future, where the most powerful being around had turned evil, and ran amok.  The being?  None
other than cute little Wyatt, who has been flexing his baby power quite a bit, to his mother's, father's, and
aunts' amazement. Pride and amazement. Eventually, we discovered the reason why Chris knew so much
about the situation, about the Haliwells, Leo, Wyatt... Chris is actually Piper and Leo's second son, conceived
in a moment of mutual comfort, definitely from the future, here to help his family. At the end of S6, Chris was
killed and died in front of Leo's eyes  - or did he?  Odds are good that he simply expired in the present, and
returned to the future, where he belongs.
Drew Fuller was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 19, 1980, and was discovered by an agent when he was 12 years old after a family
friend put him on the cover of UCLA magazine. Drew started modeling at 16, working for top companies as Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, and Club
Med. He then made the transition to commercials including spots for  J. Crew, Subway, Toyota and Pepsi (opposite Britney Spears).

Drew starred in Vampire Clan as the real-life criminal Rod Farrell, a drug-crazed killer who claimed he was a vampire and brutally murdered an
innocent family in Florida in 1996.  Other film credits include One, Angels Don't Sleep Here, Close Call and Voodoo Academy. He also starred
in The WB's drama
Black Sash.

In his spare time, Fuller enjoys playing basketball, rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding and tennis. Drew is 6'1", and lives in LA with his cat
"The Chad" and a bird named "Pink" (after the band Pink Floyd).