Chat Transcripts
These are from a series of chats TV
Guide did with various actors.
Holly Marie Combs
April 20,2000
Brian Krause
January 12, 2000
Julian McMahon
May 9, 2001

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Brian Krause from the popular TV series Charmed. Hi Brian!
Thanks for coming this evening!
Brian: Hi, everybody. Thanks for having me. Hope you enjoy the show! :)

Q: How do you relate to your character Leo?
Brian: It's hard to say...I'd say my honesty. Leo to me is a real likable character, the way they write him. So, I
just try to be myself, and play off the girls. Be as relaxed as possible.

Q: Hi Brian, my question is do you believe in all that supernatural stuff?
Brian: I do believe that there are cultures around the world that do practice magic and get some results from
it. But, in America, I have yet to see anything that would get me to believe it in it here. Definitely what we
do on our show is a lot of great special effects.

Q: Hi, this is a question that every girl wants to know – do you have a girlfriend and if you do who is she?
Brian: I'll be celebrating my five-year anniversary this summer with my wife, Beth. Sorry... :( [Note: Brian and
his wife did break up some time after this chat.]

Q: First I would like to say that I think you are an awesome actor. Charmed is the best show, I am actually
watching it as we are talking. My question is what is the funniest thing that happened while shooting an
episode of Charmed?
Brian: Every day is a riot when we're on the set. To pick one thing out and to say that was the funniest ever
is hard to do. Because all three of the girls are really funny and talented. So to pick one thing is really hard.
But, one embarrassing thing that happened to me... it might be in tonight's episode, or maybe next week's...
Prue walks in on me when I'm taking a shower, and she's supposed to have a look of shock when she sees
everything. And that turned into something very funny... and very embarrassing.

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Holly Marie Combs from the television series Charmed.
Welcome Holly! Thanks for joining us tonight!
Holly: Hi! :)

Q: How would you actually describe Piper Halliwell?
Holly: She's, you know, the middle sister, very much the peacemaker... She's always worried about something,
always trying to fix something. Just a very busy girl.

Q: Holly, I love your show and your character. Can you give us any hints on when Piper's powers will be
growing like Prue's have?
Holly: That's a good question! They haven't told me. They must be pretty happy with the state of Piper's
powers, because I'm getting nothing.

Q: Holly, who are your favorite actors and actresses?
Holly: Andy Garcia is one of my favorite actors.  Susan Sarandon is one of my favorite actresses...she played
my mom in my first movie.

Q: What is a typical day on the set like? And how long does it last?
Holly: Well, there's usually an invisible demon that we can't see that involves a lot of green screens and a lot
of screaming...And all that takes up about 12-14 hours.

Q: Can you give us any hints on what is going to happen with Piper, Leo and Dan?
Holly: I'm not quite sure what's happening with them. Leo does come back, like he always does, but we like
that. They haven't told me which one I end up with. I think they haven't decided yet. It's hard for me to
choose anyway... I like them both. :)

Q: How did you get started acting?
Holly: My mom was originally the actress, and I kind of fell into it from being around her.

Q: Hello, are you going to be on any other shows, or movies in the future (soon), thanks, love the show
Holly: I hope so. Nothing set in stone yet that I could tell you about.

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Julian McMahon about his role on the series Charmed. Hi
Julian! Thanks for joining us!

Thank you.

Julian, thank you so much for coming to chat with us. I'd like to know if you foresaw your immense
popularity in the role of Cole, when you signed on to do the part last year?

No I didn't foresee anything. I didn't realize he would be popular still. But that's a good thing.

Julian, there is one thing that is on all of our minds. Are you going to be on Charmed for Season 4? If so, for
how long? Some of us were at the Living TV chat that Shannen did and she said you will be back for season 4.

Well. Thank you to Shannen. Nothing has been confirmed yet. We're still negotiating for next

So whatever happened to Cole's silver BMW? Did the collection agency take it away? lol
That's a good question. The BMW was an on set rental. It disappeared that afternoon. We never
saw it again. Sometimes the budget only goes so far.

Which episode was your favorite to shoot? Your least favorite?
My favorite to shoot was any episode that I was in. And my least favorite was any episode that I
wasn't in. I enjoyed all of them.

If you could change one thing about Cole, what would it be? and Why?
LOL. Hmm. It's not up to me to change things about Cole. It's up to the writers.

Julian...congrats to you and your wife on your beautiful little girl. Do you plan on increasing your family
anytime soon?

Certainly not in the near future. Things have been a little busy with just one.