Andy Trudeau portrayed by
T. W. King
Detective Inspector Andy Trudeau was introduced in the pilot, in the first season. Andy was an old childhood friend of
Prue's; he had been her first love, her high school sweetheart. When they met again, due to a murder, their love was
rekindled and grew despite the frustrating feeling ~ actually more like certain knowledge ~ that she was keeping a secret
from him. Andy was killed at the end of the first season by the demon Tempus, shortly after learning about Prue and her
' secret. His partner was Darryl Morris, who has learned the secret Andy carried to his death, and who remains the
's friend and police contact.
T.W. King, as he was known when he was playing Andy on Charmed, is now using the name of Ted King, and was born on
October 1, 1965 in Hollywood, California. King has had success on the west coast, as well as on the east, in Manhattan,
where he played Danny on
Loving, and then The City from 1995-97.  Ted also starred on Timecop as Jack Logan in 1997.  
While he was working on
Timecop, he filmed a small role in The X-Files movie. He's apparently an X-Files fan; according to
Ted, “It's one of the best-written shows on television."  He been on
General Hospital as rich, powerful Luis Ramon
Alcazaras since July 2002, is involved in a long-term relationship, and currently divides his time between Los Angeles and
New York.