James Marsters is

Spike, sired by Drusilla in the late 1800's, got his nickname due to his penchant for torturing victims with railroad spikes. His
real name was William, and he was a sensitive, aspiring poet, who lived with his mother before Dru took him away from all
that. He's also known as William the Bloody, but not for the reasons you might think; the moniker of 'the Bloody' came not
from dripping blood, but from his 'bloody awful poetry'.  Drusilla was the first great love of his rather long life, but she left
him.  Spike has killed two Slayers, a remarkable feat for a relatively young vampire, but was neutered when he came back to
Sunnydale in S4, at which point
Harmony [Cordelia's friend, who'd been 'vamped' when Sunnydale High exploded on
graduation day in S3] was with him briefly as his girlfriend. The Initiative implanted a chip in his head, which made him
incapable of harming humans without causing himself excruciating pain.  After this, he discovered he was totally enamoured
Buffy, which drove him somewhat bonkers, but between the chip and his feelings for Buffy, he started to become a
peripheral part of the Scooby gang, eventually becoming an important member; Buffy has made clear many times that the
two most powerful components of the group are
Willow and Spike.  Buffy and Spike had a brief, initially secret -blazing hot
and somewhat violent- physical relationship, until she got a bad case of the guilts.  After she broke it off, he tried to have
sex with her, winding up almost raping her.  Spike knew he'd gone too far, and traveled to Africa to undergo mystical,
painfully difficult rituals, and wound up getting a soul in return.  He thought this would change Buffy's feelings for him.  It
didn't provide any miraculous, overnight change, although he's become more trusted by the Slayer, and she has, several
times, demonstrated her unwillingness to let him out of her life.

James Marsters was born on August 20th in 1962, in
Greenville, California, growing up in Modesto, CA. [
Obviously the accent he uses as Spike, while really good, is fake -
can you imagine how hard it must be to stay that much in
:) ]  He has one brother and one sister, and
graduated from Davis High School. James attended Julliard in
New York City, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts,
and the American Conservatory Theatre. He spent about 10
years doing stage work and performed in various plays in New
York, Chicago, and Seattle before moving to Los Angeles in
order to pursue a career in film and television acting.

James was originally only hired for a few episodes of
Buffy, but
quickly became a fan favorite, appearing many times in the
first three season, and becoming a regular since the fourth.  In
addition to his role as Spike, James has appeared on several
other television shows, like
Northern Exposure, Millennium,
Strange Frequency,
and Andromeda, as well as a couple of
guest appearances on
Angel as Spike, and in films, including a
role in the 1999 remake of "The House On Haunted Hill," in the
'98 indie "Winding Roads" and 2002's "Chance".  James has
appeared in several plays, enjoys working on stage, and is
part of a band called Ghost of the Robot. You can
click here for
the official site; they do have CD's available for sale.

The scar on his left eyebrow is not a fake, it's apparently from
an attempted mugging in Queens, New York.  James is
left-handed, a natural brunette [dying his hair almost white for
his role as Spike], and is either 5'10" or 11".  Some sources
indicate that James is divorced and has one son, but he is
currently single, and lives in LA.