Julie Benz is a native of Pittsburgh and was born on May
1, 1972. She married Jon Kassin in 1998. Julie competed in
the 1988 U.S. Championships in junior ice dancing with
David Schilling, placing 13th. Her older sister and brother,
Jennifer and Jeffrey, were the 1987 U.S. Junior Champions
in ice dancing and competed internationally. Julie has lost
two roles to Sarah Michelle Gellar. The first was the role of
Kendall Hart on
All My Children, and the second was the
role of Buffy on
Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  Aside from her
recurring role as Darla on
Angel, she also appeared on
Roswell, and had roles in many big-screen films, like
Jawbreaker ('99) and As Good As It Gets ('97). Julie was
also featured in the recent (2002) SciFi Channel original
Julie Benz
is Darla

Darla was already in Sunnydale when Buffy arrived, and was one of the first vampires she
had contact with there.  Darla was The Master's minion and favorite, and caused Buffy
much grief, including taking a bite out of Joyce, Buffy's mother.  While that infuriated Buffy,
another bit of knowledge stunned her ~ Darla "sired"
Angel; made him a vampire. They
had enjoyed a very "close" relationship for decades, until his soul was restored and she
shunned him as something foul.   She was eventually staked by Angel.
Darla's re-appearance was the first season's closing surprise on
Angel ~ the unscrupulous
people behind law firm Wolfram & Hart had brought her back --human-- to destroy Angel
and she had a relationship with
Lindsey.  When Darla was eventually re-vamped by
Drusilla, she had worked her way back into Angel's system.  The two vampires conveived a
child, and in the most ultimate act of love Darla -or anyone- could perform, she staked
herself in order to save the baby -