Eliza was born on December 30, 1980, in Boston Massachusetts. Her father is a
professor at Boston University, and she has three older brothers.  Eliza graduated
from Watertown High, and was legally emancipated from her parents because of
strict laws on the hours that a minor is allowed to work. Eliza  can apparently sign,
and has translated for the deaf at the Watertown Children's Theatre in Boston.  
Aside from her role as Faith on Buffy and Angel, Eliza has appeared in many films,
starting in '92, with That Night, and continuing regularly.  Her other movies include
This Boy's Life ('93), True Lies ('94), Bring It On (2000), Soul Survivors (2001), Jay
and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), City by the Sea (2002), and the upcoming films
Wrong Turn and The Kiss.  Eliza recently became the star of her own series,
Eliza Dushku is
Faith appeared in Sunnydale as Kendra's replacement.  Faith was an entirely different kind of slayer.  While little was
revealed about her background, you really had the impression that she'd had a rough time growing up.  Although at first
she and Buffy tried to be friends, Faith's emerging fondness for the dark side of their job started to repel Buffy.  No one
could control Faith, including fledgling Watcher Wesley Wyndham-Price, whose attempts to control her ended
disasterously.  Faith eventually killed a human, the evil Mayor's aide, then took his place as the Mayor's henchwoman, and
started to destroy everything that stood in her way ~ or that Buffy loved.  She tried to kill Angel, and that set off Buffy for
the last time.  They fought, putting Faith into a coma.  When she woke, she worked a little trouble on the Buffy crew, then
set off for LA, where she and Angel tangled, but he helped Faith save herself from her own worst enemy ~ Faith. She
decided to turn herself in for crimes committed in LA, and was in prison, doing her time ~ like Angel, her life is now about
redemption.   She recently broke out of prison, to help Wesley and the AI gang re-capture renegade Angelus...then she'll
be heading out to Sunnydale, for one last battle with Buffy and the Scoobies, for the last several episodes of the series,
but this time it's gonna be like the beginning ~ Faith will be on Buffy's side...eventually.  :)