Alyson Hannigan is Willow Rosenberg, Buffy's best friend,
and an extremely powerful witch.

Anthony Stewart Head is Rupert Giles, formerly Buffy's
Watcher (long story!), now her confidante, guide,
father-figure and friend.
~ Recurring status as of S6 ~

Nicholas Brendan is Xander Harris, Buffy's closest male
friend. He's relatively normal, except for the company he

James Marsters is Spike, a vampire who was once Buffy's
sworn enemy, and Druscilla's boy-toy, but he's been sort
fixed...he can't hurt living creatures, BUT he can kick
demon butt, so he's joined forces with Buffy and the gang.  
Also, hell must be freezing up or something ~ he's got a
thing for Buffy, and she seems to feel something similar!  
The vampire and the slayer did have a
really hot and
heavy, but it cooled off for awhile when Buffy got a case of
the guilts.  A very odd relationship, but she still doesn't
want him gone or dead. Most recent development: Spike's
got soul - really.  He's become quite the ... champion...

David Boreanez is Angel (Angelus),  a vampire cursed by
a gypsy to have a soul, and Buffy's first great love.  Being
with Buffy broke the curse, but made Angel very  nasty
again, so after he re-gained his soul (long story), the curse
was back in place, so he left her and Sunnydale for Los
Angeles, and his own show appropriately titled  "

Charisma Carpenter is Cordelia Chase, formerly Buffy's
spoiled brat rich girl nemesis in high school, who turned out
to be not so bad after all.  After graduating from Sunnydale
High, Cordy moved to LA to be movie star, but found out
instead how tough real life is.  She is now works with Angel
in LA.

Marc Blucas is Riley Finn, Buffy's ex-boyfriend. By day a
college student, but after school, he's a member of "The
Initiative", an ultra-secret military operation who's goal is
to capture, study, and, let's face it, exploit, as many
demons and bad creatures as possible.  Riley found himself
out of The Initiative, and he and Buffy had some problems,
not the least of which being his newly discovered lust to
have a vampire drain him of blood (yech!).  He re-joined
The Initiative after Buffy found out about his fetish, and
just left for a remote location.  Re-surfaced one last time in
season six - with a wife.

Seth Green is Oz, a really deep, intense, somewhat stoic
guy, with a rather hairy secret - he's a werewolf.  He's also
Willow's first real great love, but he broke her heart, and
left town.

Juliet Landau is Drusilla, a truly warped vampire, who was
sired by Angel, she sired Spike, and was Spike's love and
obsession for decades.  She and Spike left town, but only
Spike came back, after she dumped him.  Drusilla has made
return appearances in both LA and Sunnydale...

Emma Caulfield is Anya, a former revenge demon for
women scorned, who was condemned to being a young
human in Sunnydale USA.  She was so devastated by being
left at the alter by Xander, she was turned back into a
vengeance demon.  Only problem is she just isn't her old
nasty demon self anymore...
Robia La Morte is Jenny Calender,  on the surface just
your run of the mill pretty computer teacher, who wound up
actually being one of the gypsy tribe that originally cursed
Angel with a soul - she was in Sunnydale to keep an eye on
him.  She and Giles found themselves having eyes for each
other - very unfortunately, she was killed by Angel when he
lost his soul and became Angelus.

Kristine Sutherland is Joyce Summers, Buffy's mom.  A
sweet, concerned mother, sadly, Joyce died in the fifth
season, a natural death from an aneurysm.

Alexis Denisof is Wesley Wyndham-Price. Wesley was
sent to Sunnydale to become Buffy and Faith's new watcher
(long story), but wound up messing everything up badly,
which eventually led to both Buffy and Faith turning
"rogue".  He saw the error of his ways, but too late.  Now
he also works with Angel in LA, which apparently is just as
monster ridden as Sunnydale!

Julie Benz is Darla, the vampire with the dubious honor of
having made Angel one of the living dead a couple of
hundred years ago!  Killed off in the first  season of "Buffy".
Brought back as human by Wolfram & Hart, although
Drusilla changed all that (great episode, btw). Staked
herself to save the child she conceived with Angel, in an
extremely shocking and poignant end.

Eliza Dushku is Faith, the second "alternate" slayer.  She
was summoned by the death of Kendra ~ the slayer line
now runs through her.  Faith, however, is a new kind of
slayer - she doesn't just do her duty - she likes doing it.  
Faith alternates between heaven and hell - she can be the
most sympathetic character on the show, or the most evil.  
Last seen on Angel, in LA, currently in prison, having turned
herself in.

Amber Benson is Tara. She was also a witch, and was
Willow's lover.  They had broken up because Willow was
abusing her power, had just reconciled, when Tara was
shot by Warren, who was trying to kill Buffy. After her
death, Willow almost killed the world with her anger -
literally - but was stopped by Xander.

Bianca Lawson is Kendra.  When Buffy was momentarily
dead, killed by the Master (long story), Kendra was the
new slayer summoned to replace Buffy.   She was killed by
Druscilla. With Kendra's death, Faith was called.

Michelle Trachtenberg is Dawn Summers, aka "the Key".  
Dawn was introduced as Buffy's sister in the fifth season,
when in fact she is an unknown, presumably benevolent,
force, made into human form by monks that were charged
with "the Key's" protection.  They were unable to continue,
and Dawn was sent to the Slayer for protection.  Memories
of her being Buffy's sister were "implanted" into everyone's
minds, and while everyone knows this now, she is
considered Buffy's sister, and that is exactly how Buffy
sees her.

Claire Kramer is Glory, a real, live goddess, whose search
for 'the Key' aka now Dawn Summers, led to Buffy's death at
the end of season five.  Well, she was alive until Giles killed
her while in the weaker, human form of her brother, Ben. I
know - confusing.   : )


Sarah Michelle Geller is Buffy Summers, the Slayer whom
this world revolves around...
Original, first season cast, still on the show by finale
Character added after first season, on the show by finale
Recurring character or one only shown occasionally
Character is off the show, either killed or left
Leads shown first, all others alphabetically by actor last name