Anthony Stewart
Head is Rupert Giles
Giles is an original, season one, episode one character, the Sunnydale high school librarian who turned out to be Buffy's
Watcher.  The Watchers are guides for the Slayers, but Giles eventually became too close to Buffy, like a father, not able to be
objective, and he was made to step down by the Watcher's Council.  This led to the introduction of
Wesley Wyndham-Price as
Buffy's new Watcher - a disaster - and the eventual emancipation of Buffy as a Slayer from the Council; they eventually all
came to a uneasy truce.  Giles has a somewhat shadowy past, but it is known that in his younger days, he was known as
Ripper... and we'll just leave it at that. :)  Aside from a magically-induced quickie-infatuation with Joyce Summers, Giles
basically had only one romantic relationship on the show, and that came to a very tragic end.  He and
Jenny Calender, a
teacher at the high school with her own mysterious past, embarked on a little romance that ended with
Angelus killing Jenny,
and then cruelly leaving her body for Giles to find.  Giles and
Willow have a had a close friendship, and his guidance has
helped her as well. Recently, Giles has retreated  from Buffy, because he  felt his constant presence was allowing her to
depend on him too much.  Giles has basically moved back to England, but comes back to Sunnydale whenever he's needed.
Anthony was born February 20, 1954, in
Camden, England, and was brought up in
Hampton, with his older brother, Murray,
who is also an actor.  His mother is an
actress and his father a documentary
producer who created the British production
company known as Verity Films. Anthony
currently lives near Bath, in England with his
significant other, Sarah, and their two
Anthony had originally planned a career in
music, and attended the London Academy
of Music and Dramatic Arts. His first break
came when he played Jesus in Godspell in
London's West End, and exhibited those
musical and acting talents playing Frank N
Furter in a production of The Rocky Horror
Show. Anthony released a CD of his own
compositions in 2001, entitled 'Music for
Elevators'. While Anthony's career has been
wide and varied, it was the little romance
played out in the series of coffee
commercials that brought him into the public
eye.  In trying to develop his career,
Anthony moved to Los Angeles - leaving
Sarah and the girls back home in England. It
was not a decision that Anthony took
lightly, and it eventually led to the decision
he made in
season six to become a
recurring character, so he could spend more
time with his family.
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