Alyson Hannigan is
Willow Rosenberg
Willow is one of Buffy's best friends, Xander is the other.  Will has always been the sweet, smart, computer-literate one in
the group. She had a crush on Xander for awhile, but her first true love was Oz, musician and werewolf.  Eventually, they
broke up after Oz cheated on her, as a werewolf, with a female werewolf.  He left town, and a brokenhearted Willow turned
more to her study of witchcraft.  She also found a close friend and then a lover in a fellow witch practitioner, Tara.  Willow
has become very powerful, going well past Tara's abilities. Tara became very concerned with Willow's overuse of magic, with
good reason.  Tragically, Tara was killed by a bullet meant for Buffy, right in front of Willow.  This sent Willow over the  
magical edge, and she went on a  rampage, killing Tara's murderer horribly, and almost causing the end of the world.  The
one who came through in the end was Xander.  His love pulled his best friend out of the abyss, on the way back to
recovery.  Willow has started regaining control over her power, and recently has started a relationship with Kennedy, one
of the potential slayers.

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Alyson Hannigan is an entertainment veteran, just like her good friend Sarah Michelle Geller.  And
like Sarah, Alyson started at the age of 4.Alyson started out in commercials, and her first feature
film role was as Dan Aykroyd's daughter in 1988's My Stepmother Is An Alien, also starring Kim
Bassinger ~ and in a funny coincidence, her 'boyfriend" in that film was played by Seth Green,
who also portrayed Oz! Most recently she's also appea
red in American Pie and American Pie 2,
both huge hits.
Alyson was born on March 24, 1974, in Washington, D.C., but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is
5'6", and
married to Aleixis Denisof, who plays Wesley, first on Buffy and currently on Angel.
Willow in one of the last crossovers between Buffy
and Angel, before the parent show's demise in May
'03.  Alyson is shown with real-life honey and
husband, Alexis Denisof, as Wesley.
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