Connor is the child of Angel and Darla.  Darla staked herself in order for him to live, so, although he doesn't
see it this way, he was born of a totally selfless act of love.  
Wesley took him away as an infant, and he was
raised in another dimension by Angel's long-time enemy, Holtz, so Angel's son was basically brought up to
hate him.  Holtz returned with Connor to the present time, but the child wasn't a baby anymore, but a very
resentful teenager.  The situation hasn't been made any better by the fact that Cordy and Connor slept
together recently (ostensibly for comfort, but it's becoming clear
Cordy isn't the same person she used to
be...).  Rocky road lies ahead for father and son.

Vincent Kartheiser was born on May 5, 1979, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is one of 6 kids.  He has 4 sisters
and a brother, and stands 5'11".  Vincent was named after the legendary artist, Vincent Van Gogh, and enjoys
reading and learning. His favorite writers are Dostoevsky, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare. He's appeared in
several films, including The Indian In The Cupboard, in 1995, and Alaska, with Thora Birch, in 1996, but
majored in history at UCLA.  Vincent enjoys rock climbing and trained in martial arts and fencing lessons in
preparation for Connor's strenuous, supernatural talents.
Vincent Kartheiser is Connor
Fred, Darla and Angel, just prior to Connor's birth...