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Please keep in mind that while I do try to get
spoilers from several good sources, you read
these at your own risk!

Post-series plans:
I don't think we're ever going to see a Angel and/or Buffy film.  Unless there is definitive positive news, this will be the
last item posted here.

Update from's Ask Matt column, dated 2/7/05:
Do you believe that WB ever had any interest in the idea of telemovies for Angel or are they frantically
dissembling? I, for one, would be very interested in a telemovie showcasing the prodigious talents of Mr. James
Marsters, reprising the role of Spike. I'm very surprised that WB claims never to have considered this idea as likely to be
popular. What are your thoughts on this matter?
Matt: When WB let Angel get away — a mistake if you look at the network's current impoverished landscape — the
suggestion of possible movies revisiting the Angel or
Buffy worlds was no doubt lip service intended to assuage the grief
of Joss Whedon fans everywhere. (Didn't work.) And since Joss has for the moment suspended his TV operations, it's
pretty clear that this was a pipe dream at best, but more likely just hollow PR from WB with no basis in reality. Of
course I'd like to see a Spike movie, or series, or even just have him show up in an episode of something random. But I'm
not counting on it.
Since Matt Roush is usually pretty much on top of his game, I'd trust this.  Of course, if there's any other news regarding any
Buffy or Angel related series or movie, it'll be updated - in big huge letters - on both sites!

Updated: There are some chinks in the wall between us and the Buffyverse [although Angelverse may be more
appropriate in this case] ~ The WB's bossman has stated publicly that an
Angel movie is being discussed with Joss and
cast.  Go to
news to read more.  This comes on top of James Marsters statements on an Austrailan talk show about 4
movies; click
here for that story.

My own diatribe from 5/20/04:There are rumors that made-for-TV Angel/Buffy movies, possibly another spin-off
featuring Spike and/or Illyria, are being discussed, however, David Boreanaz is apparently not really on board, unless
the project is a theatrical film, and Sarah Michelle Geller is unlikely to participate.  I, personally, would have
no problem watching any Buffy-verse incarnation incorporating the mythos and characters -those other than Angel
and Buffy- we've all come to know and love [or hate as the case may be!], and will be sending a letter of encouragement
to Joss Whedon letting him know the same thing.  Think about it - would you watch a movie, a series of movies, or even
another Buffy-verse series incorporating any or all of these characters, from both shows: Wesley [
well, now, that might
be difficult, but not impossible in the Buffy-verse; just ask Buffy or Darla!
], Spike, Illyria/Fred, Lorne, Gunn, Faith [guest
], Willow [we can hope for an appearance or guest shot, right?], Andrew, Giles, Xander, Dawn, Connor and even
Harmony? There are so many other supporting actors and characters that were introduced on both shows that would
provide interesting storylines, they can't possibly all be listed here.  I would happily watch; hell, keeping me away
would be impossible!
In any event, spoilers on this page are now about these possible projects, which at this time, are still just rumors, and
should be treated as such.