Lilah Morgan is one of the more devious lawyers at the evil law firm of Wolfram and Hart.  She'd been left in charge
fter her some-time partner in villainous corruption ~ Lindsey McDonald ~ got a replacement hand and possibly a
heart, and left LA for parts unknown. Lilah seems to have no limits, except those that keep her own skin safe.  That
heart of hers got a workout recently, when she and Wes developed something of a relationship.  Unfortunately, Wes'
feelings for Fred ended the relationship, and then a knife to the throat by faux-Cordy ended Lilah's life, near the end
of season four.

Stephanie Romanov was born on January 24 1969, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Stephanie is 5'9" and started modeling at
age 15 for Elite Modeling Agency. She started out in Europe, in the Italian and French versions of  'Bazaar'. She moved
to New York, still continuing to model, and appeared in Elle, Vanity Fair and French Vogue. Stephanie then moved to
LA, and had her first on-screen appearance in the Spelling TV series "
Models Inc." Prior to her role as Lilah on Angel,
Stephanie appeared in several television series, including Melrose Place, The Sentinel, Just Shoot Me, Nash Bridges,
and films including Sunset Strip and Thirteen Days (as Jacqueline Kennedy).
Stephanie Romanov is Lilah