Mercedes was born on March 21, 1980, in
LA, as Mercedes Alicia McNab.  She
started her acting career, like so many in
the Buffyverse, young.  Among her first
roles are characters in both of the Addams
Family movies, in 1991 and 1993.  Her
other film roles include Savage Land
('94), The Fantastic Four ('94), Escape
From Atlantis ('97), White Wolves III: Cry
of the White Wolf ('98), and Beer Money
('01).  Her role as Harmony Kendall began
in the first season of
Buffy the Vampire
, and recurred through season five.  
Mercedes has appeared in several other
television series, including  
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Diagnosis
Murder, Touched by an Angel, Walker,
Texas Ranger, Dawson's Creek
, and Boston
Mercedes McNab is
Harmony Kendall
Harmony Kendall first appeared over in Sunnydale, as snooty Cordelia Chase's fellow shallow, "in-crowd" buddy.  She was
vamped at graduation, and later appeared on
Spike's arm, as girl to his boy-toy.  They broke up, and she next appeared in LA, at
the home of her old buddy, Cordy, for a little girl-friend time.  Cordelia, however, had no idea that her gold and fluffy crony was
now a vampire, until they got a call from Sunnydale.  Cordelia did give Harm a chance to be a 'good' vampire, but her faith
turned out misplaced, as Harmony joined a vampire 'cult' and fled to Mexico, after trying to kill Cordy.  Harmony resurfaced in
season five, as -of all things- Angel's secretary.