David Boreanaz is Angel
The character of Angel was introduced on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  He is a
vampire, but he was cursed with a soul by the family of one of his early victims,
a young gypsy girl.  His curse was only to be lifted if he experienced a moment
of true happiness.  While on
Buffy, he and the Slayer fell in love.  When they
consummated their love physically, he experienced true happiness and his soul
vanished ... only to make way for one very evil vampire.  His evil persona is
known as Angelus.  He terrorized Sunnydale for a while, and killed Jenny
Calander, a teacher at the high school who was also a gypsy sent to keep an eye
on him. Jenny was
Willow's mentor and Giles was in love with her.  Shortly
after this, Angelus,
Drusilla and Spike conspired to unleash total evil in the
physical world, and to stop them, Buffy had to kill Angel.  Unfortunately it was
just at the moment that his soul was restored, thanks to a secret Jenny left
behind, which Willow decoded and put forth.  Angel was eventually returned,
with his soul, to Sunnydale, but with the curse back in place.  Buffy and Angel
cannot be together, since there is always the possibility of happiness for them
together.  After helping Buffy with one final battle, Angel left for Los Angeles, to
fight evil and help those in trouble.  Along the way he was helped by
Doyle, a
half-human, half-demon, with the power of visions ("the sight"), and
from Sunnydale.  After Doyle sacrifices himself to save everyone, Wesley,
the ex-Watcher, now guilt-ridden "rogue demon-hunter", offers to help as well.  
Cordelia was given the "gift" of visions by Doyle before he died, and so now she,
Wesley, and Angel are in the City of Angels fighting the worst hell can throw at
David Boreanaz, who portrays Angel, is a
Philadelphia native, born on May 16, 1971.  He
graduated from Ithaca College, then moved to LA
to persue an acting career.  While studying his
chosen profession, David was spotted walking his
dog by his future manager who liked his look and
signed him on as a client.  While David has
appeared on stage several times, in a TV movie
Men Don't Lie), and in several feature films
Aspen Extreme, Best of the Best 2, Eyes of the
), his "big" break came in the form of a
guest role on
Married ...With Children, playing
Kelly Bundy's boyfriend.  He currently lives in
LA with his lucky dog and new (Thanksgiving
2001) wife, actress Jaime Bergman.  They
recently added their first child, a baby boy
they've named Jaden Rayne, to the Boreanaz
household.  Jaden was born on May 1, 2002, at
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.