Angel..:..David Boreanaz
Original, first season cast, still on the show
Character added after first season, still on the show
Recurring character or one only shown occasionally
Character is off the show, either killed or left
Wesley Wyndham-Price..:..Alexis Denisof
Cordelia Chase..:..Charisma Carpenter
Charles Gunn..:..J.August Richards
Lilah..:..Stephanie Romanov
Winifred "Fred" Burkle..:..Amy Acker
Lorne..:..Andy Hallett
Connor..:..Vincent Kartheiser
Darla..:..Julie Benz
Faith..:..Eliza Dushku
Lindsey McDonald..:..Christian Kane
Kate Lockley..:..Elisabeth Rohm
Druscilla..:..Juliet Landau
Doyle..:..Glenn Quinn
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Gwen Raiden..:..Alexa Davalos
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Spike..:..James Marsters
Regulars shown first, as they joined the series, all
others alphabetically by actor last name
Harmony Kendall..:..Mercedes McNab
Eve..:..Sarah Thompson
Illyria..:..Amy Acker