Christian Kane portrayed alternatively charming, devious, yet somewhat sympathetic, lawyer Lindsey McDonald,
one of Wolfram and Hart's higher placed lackey lawyers, since the beginning of
Angel.  He did seem to gain a bit of his
humanity back when he re-gained an hand ~ replacing the one Angel cut off at the end of S1. After loving and losing
Darla, he left town, leaving W & H in Lilah's sly and ever-so-capable hands.
Lindsey  reappeared on the radar in LA, covered with symbolic tatoos, and in bed, literally and figuratively, with
Eve.  Eventually, his scheme to destroy Angel was exposed and stopped, and he ultimately worked with his
arch-enemy, but Angel didn't trust him, and, in the spirit of total obliteration of evil, Angel asked
Lorne to do one last
thing before the green-skinned one walked away - Lorne shot and killed Lindsey.
Christian Kane is Lindsey
Christian comes by that slightly southern accent honestly, since he was born in Dallas, Texas on June 27,
1974 (a very good day to have a birthday, btw), and his family moved around throughout the South before
settling down in the small town of Norman, in Oklahoma. Christian, whose birth name is Chris Short,
attended the University of Oklahoma where he had plans to major in art history, but like so many people, he
found his true calling was acting, and he headed to LA. Unlike the many, he's found fairly steady work.  
Christian's big break came in 1997 when he was cast as the male lead, Ryan "Flyboy" Legget, in a new show,
Fame L.A., based on the hit movie and 80's TV series.  That show was canceled after one season but he
quickly obtained another leading role, in Aaron Spelling's WB action series
Rescue 77, playing Wick Lobo.
Rescue 77 was cancelled due to mediocre ratings. Christian was then picked up for a new little WB show
Angel. He's also appeared with Woody Harrelson in EdTV, as a production assistant, and a
made-for-TV Western called
Crossfire Trail with Tom Selleck. Christian just appeared in a recent episode of
Dawson's Creek and  appeared in another feature flick with Freddie Prinze Jr. and fellow WB'ers Marc Blucas
Buffy's Riley Finn) and Jessica Biel (7th Heaven's Mary Camden), entitled Summer Catch. He currently
resides in Los Angeles, and his current priority is his musical career.
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