Charisma Carpenter is Cordelia Chase
Cordelia's character came to life on Buffy. She started out as a rich, selfish, shallow girl,
who tried to make
Buffy's life pretty miserable  -  in front of her snobby friends.  In
public, Cordelia said Buffy's little group were losers, but in private, Cordy and Xander
somehow discovered they were physically attracted to each other (they hid it for a little
while and played in secret!), but then they discovered there was more to it, that they
really liked each other.  Cordelia eventually had to admit to her crass, tacky, yet
popular friends that yes, she did like Xander and that they were seeing each other.  
Wonderful buddies that they were, they promptly dumped her, and made her life as
miserable as she had made Buffy's - poetic justice, although somewhat cruel. When
Cordelia decided to move to LA, there were several reasons
: her father had lost all his
money, so they were now "poor"
; she got injured, and that really gave her a scare; and
Xander decided to kiss
Willow right as Cordy and Oz came to save them from certain
peril.  While Oz forgave Willow, Cordelia couldn't forgive Xander, and felt betrayed.  LA
seemed to be a way to make a fresh, glamorous start - do a little acting, catch some rich
guy's attention and be a rich, pampered, Hollywood trophy wife.  Right?  Wrong - she
soon found out LA is full of girls just like her, and she wound up in a roach motel, going to
parties to mooch food to survive; not a pleasant situation.  She bumped into
Angel, fresh
from his departure from Sunnydale, and figured better to help him than to starve.  She
eventually received the "gift" of visions from
Doyle, just before he died, and seems well
on her way to actually being a caring human being - particularly after the first season
finale, in which she was forced to see vision after vision of those in need of help and in
pain.  It almost drove her crazy, and made her better understand what she, and A.I. are
up against. Cordy and Angel developed romantic feelings for each other in season 3, but
just before the feelings were spoken aloud, Cordy was sort of angel-napped, by TPTB.  She
was returned at the beginning of S-4, but without her memory.  She decided the only
person she could trust is Connor, and the two actually had sex during one particularly
apocalyptic-like episode, and Cordy is pregnant with Connor's child... or that's what
we've seen.  We've also seen Cordy isn't exactly the same person she used to fact,
there's a good chance she's not herself at all... Cordy gave birth to Jasmine, a godess-like
being from another dimension, who was eventually destroyed, but Cordy was put into a
coma at that time.  She was put into a long-term care facility, and came back to help
Angel, the last man she loved, one last time in S5.  She left him, with a kiss. To Angel's
horror, he learned Cordy had actually died that day, and her spirit was actually allowed
by TPTB to come to his aid as a favor ~ one last, poignant time.
Charisma was born in Las Vegas and lived there until she was 15. She
attended high school in San Diego; she took classes at the School of the
Creative and Performing Arts there and was also a San Diego
Chargers cheerleader.  Charisma has appeared in over twenty
commercials, has made appearances on the television shows
Baywatch and Boy Meets World. She was also cast in the Aaron
Spelling NBC series
Malibu Shores as Ashley.  Charisma is married to
Damian Hardy,  lives in LA, and enjoys outdoor activities such as
hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, rollerblading, as well as
cooking, dancing and traveling.  Latest and greatest for Mr and Mrs
Hardy?  Baby makes three.  :)  Charisma's baby was born on March
24; the pregnancy was written into the show.
Cordelia's wish, born of
jealousy, that Buffy had
never come to Sunnydale,
resulted in this
predicament for her ~
Willow and Xander both
being vampires, and
Cordy being the main
course for two!  This
episode also introduced
the character of Anya to
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.