Alexis Denisof is
Wesley Wyndam-Price
Wesley Wyndam-Price started out on
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the
unfortunate position of trying to fill
Giles' shoes.  (Giles was fired as a
Watcher after it was decided he had
become too emotionally attached to
Buffy.)  Of course Wesley was not
welcome, had no experience, and
really wasn't a born leader, so he was a
big, fat washout as a Watcher to Buffy
Faith.  He and Cordelia had a little
flirting thing going, but one kiss cured
them, apparently - no chemistry.  
Anyway, the last anyone saw Wesley
Buffy, he had helped the gang
defeat the Mayor, gotten injured, and
was taken away in an ambulance.  He
then showed up in LA, on
claiming to be a "rogue demon
hunter".  It turns out that he was fired
by the Council because of his failure to
prevent Faith's descent into the dark
side and Buffy's rebellion.  Wesley was
so guilt-ridden by what he had, or
hadn't, done, in Sunnydale, he had
decided to go solo.  Wesley eventually  
joined up  with
Angel and Cordelia.
Wesley comes a long way, particularly
romantically  His first significant
relationship on
Angel was with
Virginia Bryce, a wealthy young
woman whom he saved after
pretending to be Angel.  When
joined the group, there were
indications that the two
glasses-wearing geniuses would
become the show's first real couple, but
apparently the writers decided to
really mess with those of us that
wanted to see them together, by
having Fred hook up with
Gunn.  In
the meantime, during Wesley's exile
from Angel Investigations for the
whole taking-
the-right-reasons thing, he and
[yes, evil bitch lawyer from,
Wolfram & Hart] found mutual lust
developing, and had been hitting the
hay -often- ever since.  It's sort of
bittersweet, because Lilah's not always
a horrible person, and of course you
knew this had to end badly.  Near the
end of season four, it did. The
relationship ended, due in part to Wes'  
feelings for Fred, and shortly after,
faux-Cordy slaughtered Lilah.  Fred
finally figured out what a treasure
Wesley was in season five, and kissed
him.  Just as they finally
clicked...Fred was killed and her body
inhabited by the ancient parasitic
demon, Illyria.  Wes never got over the
loss of his beloved, and when he was
mortally wounded and died, Illyria
morphed into Fred, and wept as he
died, "Beloved".
Alexis Denisof's English accent  for Wesley is
come by honestly, as he did live in England for
some time after high school, and attended the
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  
He was born in Maryland, lived in Seattle and
New Hampshire, then went to England.  After
graduating from the London Academy, he
acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company.  
He worked extensively on the stage in London,
including once with Anthony Stewart Head
(Giles on
Buffy).  In addition to acting, Alexis is
qualified as a fight choreographer, which,
oddly enough, he did for a production of

t which happened to star Mark Metcalf
as Claudius.
Buffy fans know that Mark played
The Master on that show.  Alexis has had an
extensive career and appeared in many
feature films, including
Innocent Lies, First
t, True Blue, Dakota Roads, and Les Folies
de Margare
t. He will be seen in the upcoming
Beyond City Limits, which also stars
Alyson Hannigan
(Buffy's Willow).  He
appeared on the TV series Highlander, and had
a large role in the made for TV movie Noah's
Ark, as one of Noah's sons.  
He and Alyson
Hannigan married October 11, 2003. :)
Alexis' real-life honey Allyson Hannigan
appeared on a crossover episode of
entitled Orpheus, in season four.  Willow's witchy
powers are needed to replace Angel's soul back
in his body...  They look good together, don't
they?  Entered wedded bliss 10/11/03.  :)