Gwen Raiden is a mysterious, recurring character, introduced in season four.  She has the gift --or curse, depending on your
point of view-- of carrying and channeling electricity with her touch.  She literally started
Angel's heart for the first time in a
couple of hundred years, when they first tangled.  The last time we saw Gwen, she had enlisted
Gunn's help to steal a device
that enabled her to touch -and be touched- without emiting a lethal electric current.  She and Gunn celebrated in private.

Alexa, like the recurring character she portrays on
Angel, Gwen Raiden, is a bit of an enigma.  Angel is one of her first roles,
and, quite frankly, I could find very little biographical info about her.  Aside from
Angel, her other credits include the
forthcoming movie "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" and the film "The Ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald", and she apparently
has done modeling work.  Alexa also co-stars in the second installment of the "Pitch Black" films, The Chronicles of Riddick,
with Vin Diesel.
Alexa Davalos is
Gwen Raiden

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