One of the 4400: Yes || #0144 || DOB 12/12/83 || DOA 4/22/01 Highland Beach, WA || Ability to drain/replenish life force
Occupation: Working at The 4400 Center with Jordan Collier; Shawn is healing rich, powerful people or their loved ones to
benefit the center
Marital status/family: Single, never married.  Mother is Susan, and brother Danny.  Uncle is NTAC agent, Tom Baldwin.
Comments: Shawn's first contact with his family after his return, was with his uncle while he was in quarantine.  Tom had
obsessed for three years that Shawn's return would give him answers about Kyle's coma; Shawn realized his uncle thought
he ran away after doing something harmful to his cousin.  Not the best homecoming.  His relationship with his brother had
gotten more strained with every passing day -  he and Danny are now the same age, 17, and, in addition to the fact that
Shawn appears to have healing - or killing - power with just his touch, Danny slowly became aware that Shawn and Nikki are
fighting a losing battle of attraction.  This hit a fever-pitch after Nikki broke up with Danny, and he discovered Shawn and
Nikki were seeing each other.  Danny and Shawn had a brawl, culminating in Shawn's powers manifesting.  Although Shawn
wasn't intentionally attempting to harm him, Danny was perilously close to dying at his brother's hands, and Shawn ran away
from the Farrell home ~ right to Jordan Collier.  Over the many months since that time, Shawn and Collier have developed
something of a father/son-like relationship, and Shawn is currently living at The 4400 Center with the billionaire.

Patrick Flueger was born on December 10, 1983 in Red
Wing, Minnesota.   Patrick is 6' tall, and is an
accomplished musician who plays several instruments.  
He's appeared in films including The Princess Diaries
and telefilm 12 Mile Road, and several television
series, like
Judging Amy, CSI: Miami, Boston Public,
, and Law & Order: SVU.
Patrick Flueger is Shawn