One of the 4400: No
Occupation: College student
Marital status/family: Single.  Estranged from boy-next-door turned boyriend,
Danny Farrell.
Comments: Had an apparent unrequited, but shared crush on Danny's brother,
Shawn, until his disappearance.  She developed a relationship with Danny, but it
became clear when Shawn returned with the other members of the 4400 that
Shawn and Nikki were fighting a losing battle of attraction.  Shortly after Nikki
dumped Danny, she and Shawn hooked up.  This didn't last long, because after
Shawn nearly killed Danny [accidently, while they were fighting], Shawn ran
away from his home, and left Nikki behind... Nikki went away to college, and did
come back to town briefly, but she and Shawn found they couldn't re-connect,
and decided against seeing each other.
Brooke Nevin was born on December 22, 1982, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Brooke is fluent in French, and has
one sister.  Her father is a retired professional hockey player, who played for the NY Rangers, Toronto Maple
Leafs and LA Kings.  Brooke has appeared in many television productions, both movies and series, such as
Loves Music, Loves to Dance, Too Cool for Christmas,
Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and Without
a Trace
Brooke Nevin is Nikki Hudson