One of the 4400: Yes || DOB 2/28/38 || DOA 3/3/46 Crescent City, CA || Exhibits
precognition.  First known abductee
Occupation: Student
Marital status/family: Minor.  Parents, Ethan and Mary, died in 1981 and 1990,
respectively. No other family known, resulting in brief placement with foster
parents, the Griffins.  Adopted by NTAC agent
Diana Skouris
Comments:  Like many of the 4400, Maia possesses an unusual gift, that of
precognition, which produces various effects ranging from wonder to alarm in the
people she meets.  While the little girl is remarkably composed given her brief life
experiences and power, chinks in her brave front have shown through, mostly in
her dealings with Diana Skouris.  Maia just wants to be like any other little girl.
Conchita Campbell was born on
October 25, 1995, Vancouver
BC, Canada.  Maia's young life
has been quite full, and her
ing roles have ranged from
commercials for Hasbro and
Mattel, to dance performances,
to parts in film and television
productions including
Squad, Just Cause
, Wilder Days,
and Pursued.
Conchita Campbell is
Maia Skouris
formerly Rutledge]