One of the 4400: Yes || # 0097 || DOB 8/4/66 || DOA 5/25/93 Orlando, FL || No extra
ability known at this time
Occupation: None at this time
Marital status/family: Husband, Brian, re-married after her disappearance.  Daughter,
Heidi, born 12/301992, was not informed by Brian that Lily is her mother; she
believes her stepmother to be her biological parent. Married to Richard Tyler, a
fellow 4400; they share a daughter,
Comments: In quarantine, Lily and Richard Tyler, a fellow 4400, met and felt an
immediate connection, fueled partially by the fact that Richard was in love with Lily's
lookalike namesake and grandmother, Lily Bonham, prior to his abducion.  Lily
discovered shortly after her return that she was pregnant, although Brian had been
away for several weeks prior to her abduction and Lily had not had sexual relations
with anyone since her return.  Lily has discovered that she and her unborn child
were able to communicate with each other, and the baby is able to protect itself in
utero.  The baby girl still shares communication with her mother, and has already
exhibited awesome power over both animate and inanimate objects.

Laura Allen is
Lily Tyler
nee Moore]