One of the 4400: No, although he was used as a conduit
Occupation: College student
Marital status/family: Single, never married.  Father is Homeland Secuity federal
agent, currently assigned to NTAC, Tom Baldwin, mother is Linda.  Parents are
now divorced, and Kyle is living with his father.  Cousins are Shawn and Danny
Farrell, aunt is Susan.
Comments: We have seen very liitle of the 'real' Kyle, except for the quick exhange
just prior to his descent into a coma and his cousin's abduction, and the words
"Dad, where am I?  I can explain about the beer..."  Kyle was 17 when put into the
coma, is now 21. Discovered he was apparently still under the 'future being's"
influence, and shot 4400 leader Jordan Collier.

Chad Faust is Kyle Baldwin