One of the 4400: Totally unique
Occupation: None
Marital status/family: Single.  Parents are 4400's Lily and Richard Tyler
Comments: Isabelle was conceived in the future, after Lily Moore and Richard Tyler were
abducted.  Isabelle's birth and development seemed to be normal, but then she apparently
grew into a young woman virtually overnight, as Lily died of old age; the mother and
daughter had been very in tune while Isabelle was in the womb and after, so the symbiotic
aging seemed a progression of that.  Her powers are substantial, and it's unknown what
limitations she has...or if indeed she has
any... She eventurally joined up with an unlikely
ally - Dennis Ryland - in order to provide him and his employers with pure Promicin, which
can, of course either give one an ability or kill you.  50/50.  When the huge supply or
Promicin was stolen by Jordan Collier, Isabelle went on a rampage while trying to recover
it, and she was stoped by -again, of all people- her father, Richard, who used his own
ability to plunge a needle full of inhibitor into her.   This left her powerless and in custody,
until fate brought her to Kyle and back to Jordan Collier.  A 'marked' Tom kidnaps Isabelle,
brings back her powers, but warns her that if she doesn't do exactly what she's told -
namely to bring Jordan Collier to The Marked - they will use a 'kill-switch' they've embedded
in her.  Isabelle, who has fallen in love with Kyle Baldwin, goes to him and they're together,
intimately, once.  Then she basically knocks him out, causes chaos in Promise City as only
she can, takes Collier to The Marked.  However, she finally comes down on the side of good
or as much 'good' as you can in the mixed-up magical world of The 4400!], and battles The
Marked, managing to free newly
un-Marked Tom Baldwin and Jordan Collier, who were both
being held and were tied up, before dying from the activiated 'kill switch' in front of the
two men.
Megalyn Echikunwoke was born in Spokane, Washington, on May 28, 1983.  Her first role was with Craig T. Nelson and Kim Catrall in the made-for-TV
Creature. Since then, 1998, she's appeared in several other television productions like ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars and Supernatural, as
well as a recurring role on
24 as President Palmer's daughter, Nicole.
Megalyn Echikunwoke is
Isabelle Tyler