Peter Coyote was born Peter Cohon on October 10, 1942 in Colver, Pennsylvania, and
graduated from Grinnell College, Iowa, with a BA in English Literature in 1964.  He moved to
the West Coast to pursue a Master's Degree in Creative Writing at San Francisco State
University, and performed on stage, before deciding to focus his attention from 1967 to
1975 to "to "do the Sixties" where he became a prominent member of the San Francisco
counter-culture community and founding member of the Diggers, an anarchistic group who
supplied free food, free housing and free medical aid to the hordes of runaways who
appeared during the Summer of Love. The Diggers evolved into a group known as the Free
Family which established chains of communes around the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.
Many of the stories of that period are included in his memoir called "Sleeping Where I Fall"
published by Counterpoint Press in April of 1998. One of the stories incorporated into his
book is "Carla's Story," which was awarded the 1993-1994 Pushcart Prize, a national prize for
excellence in writing, published by a non-commercial literary magazine." [from biography at
offical site; I'd suggest you visit; he's quite fascinating]  Lucky for us, in the late '70's, Peter
decided to go back to acting, and he doesn't seem to have stopped since.  Peter has
appeared in several television series, including
The Twilight Zone, Cybill and Deadwood, but
he's performed in over
ninety television and feature films, including E.T. the
Extra-Terrestrial, Jagged Edge, Heart of Midnight, Sphere, Random Hearts, Erin Brockovich,
and A Walk to Remember.  He also does a lot of voiceover work.  Peter is 6'3", and is married
to Stefanie Pleet.  He has two children, a son and a daughter, from a previous marriage, and
has made his home in Marin County in Northern California since the '70s. Peter speaks
French and Spanish, and enjoys traveling to London and Paris.  Peter is also an dedicated
outdoorsman, songwriter and guitarist, and amateur photographer.
Peter Coyote is
Dennis Ryland