One of the 4400: No
Occupation: College student
Marital status/family: Single, never married.  Estranged from girl-next-door turned
Nikki Hudson.  Mother is Susan.  His brother, Shawn, is a 4400.  Uncle is
NTAC agent,
Tom Baldwin.
Comments: Although Danny was first thrilled to have his 'big' brother back; it was fun
that he and his brother are now the same age, but tensions -mostly arising from his
growing awareness that Shawn and Nikki are fighting a losing battle of attraction- hit a
fever-pitch when Danny and Shawn had a brawl, culminating in one of Shawn's powers
manifesting.  Although Shawn wasn't intentionally attempting to harm him, Danny was
perilously close to dying at his brother's hands, and Shawn ran away from the Farrell
home. Danny was an adamant opponent of the 4400, and the brothers hadn't spoken
for months, but reconciled. After Promicin became available, Danny was very
interested in taking it, wanting to keep up with his brother, his jealousy of Shawn
blinding him to the 50/50 factor.  Shawn managed to keep Danny from taking the shot,
but when Kevin Burkhoff found a way to determine who would live and who die after
taking Promicin, Danny eagerly took the test and once he was found to be in the 50 of
the population that would live, he took the shot.  Unfortunately, the power he
developed was a Typhoid Mary-like ability to excrete Promicin, 'infecting' everyone
around him [except
Diana, who was found to be immune to Promicin's effects,
probably due to the shots Kevin had previously given her].  This, of course, resulted in
multiple deaths all around him, sadly, including his and Shawn's mother.  Rather than
face the prospect of killing so many people Danny first went on the inhibitor, which
was killing him slowly, then begged his brother to put him out of his misery.  Shawn,
torn but unable to watch his brother's painful death, did as his brother asked, and
used his ability to end Danny's life quickly.
Kaj-Erik Eriksen is
Danny Farrell