I wrote to Conchita Campbell, and she very nicely agreed to an e-mail interview.  Conchita, who will be nine this month,
portrays eight-year-old Maia Rutledge, and replied with a little help from her mom, Magda.  A big thank you to both of

Karen@SolitaryPhoenix: I know from the site that you were born on October 25, 1995 in Vancouver, BC, in Canada.  Have
you been to the States a lot?  Do you find the two countries to be very different?
Conchita Campbell: I have been to the States a few times and I had a great time. Everybody I met was very nice. I think
that Canada and the States are very similar but food was a bit different in Texas.

Karen: You've actually been to several countries; do you have any particular memories or stories to share about your
Conchita: Oh yes! Traveling by train is so much fun in Europe. I also remember how old and beautiful the buildings are. My
favorites were churches and castles. Everything looks so strong. But I have one special memory about this cute little pink
house close to my grandparents' cottage. Every time I biked by this house with my mom I could not take my eyes of it
because it looked like it was from a storybook. One time I even rode straight into a telephone post but I was OK.

Karen: On your site, you're called "The Banana Kid" a few times; what does that refer to?
Conchita: I am a very active kid and I love to monkey around. I even have a very special bed that my dad build for me so I
can do all the climbing I want. Also I love bananas like all the monkeys do so my parents have few nick names for me and
Banana Kid is one of them.

Karen: I guess I should ask the obligatory 'favorites' questions. :)  What is your favorite television show?  Movie?  Actor?  
Actress?  Book?  What music do you like to listen to?
Conchita: My favorite TV show of course is The 4400. I also like American and Canadian Idols and Bernstein Bears. My
favorite movies are "Heidi" and "The Little Rascals", favorite actress is Drew Barrymore, favorite actor is Eddie Murphy, and
my favorite book is "Anne of Green Gables."  I like to listen to fun music and when I want to relax I like classical music a lot.

Karen: You're a talented dancer; do you have a particular style that you enjoy the most?
Conchita: I dance a lot. I take ballet, modern, jazz and acrobatics but I have to say that I am a jazz girl.

Karen: You speak Polish and you've traveled there; is one of your parents from Poland?
Conchita: Yes, my mom is Polish.

Karen: How is your schooling handled while you're working?  I would imagine you'd have tutors; do you have the same
tutors, or different ones?
Conchita: I love school and my homework is always a fun thing to do. When I am on set for many days then I have a tutor,
and so far I have had the same one.

Karen: I very much enjoyed your scenes with Peter Coyote [whom I have been a huge fan of forever, btw :)] and
Jacqueline McKenzie.  Are there any cast members you really got along especially well with?
Conchita: I have to say I loved everybody. The whole cast and crew was excellent and I can't wait to work with them again.

Karen: Is Maia and The 4400 your favorite role and job so far? If not, which one is?
Conchita: I liked all my roles but Maia is my favorite one. There is something special about her...

Karen: The show has done really well, and already has a lot of loyal fans.  There are many rumors about it coming back,
either as a series or a mini-series again. I have to ask: do you know if
The 4400 will be back as a series?
Conchita: I would love to be the one who breaks the news but for now it is still TBA.

Karen: It may be a little early to ask this, but I believe you've probably given thought to your future, since you've already
been working for several years. :) What do you see in your future?
Conchita: I know that I would love to work with great directors and actors because I could learn a lot. It is always fun for
me to watch how things are done.

Thank you again, so much, Conchita.  I'm sure whether as Maia on The 4400 or other projects, we'll be seeing a lot more
of you.  Keep having fun!
An Interview with Conchita