One of the 4400: Yes || DOB 10/17/69 || DOA 9/5/01 Seattle,
Washington  || Able  to create alternate realities out of
people's memories
Occupation: Art gallery curator
Marital status/family: Widowed; husband and son killed in car
Comments: Was in a relationship with NTAC agent Tom
Baldwin; discovered her ability was given her in order for her
be a part of his life, and be by his side in the upcoming difficult
time to come.  Alana got caught up in the Promicn battle, and
was forced to go into hiding with fellow 4400, Gary Navarro.  
Tom was working on a way to bring her back permanently, but
'the future' apparently decided to take Alana away from Tom
[we don't know why], and he found her a painting
that was done in the 1800's.
Karina Lombard is
Alana Mareva